Purple Team Australia Program is funded by the Australian Government's Cyber Skills Partnership Innovation Fund Round 2 in co-contribution with Program Partners and Sponsors.


  • Increase the quality and availability of job-ready cyber security professionals in Australia;
  • Attract greater participation from women and First Nations Australians into the cyber security industry;
  • Ensure the development of a cyber security workforce that meets industry needs.


  • Deliver a culturally appropriate learning environment focused specifically on women and First Nations Australians participation.
  • Gain microcredentials from University of Tasmania
  • Gain practical and theoretical skills and knowledge through offensive, defensive and general cyber security operations
  • Consolidate practical and theoretical skills and knowledge through Capture The Flag events
  • Provide a supportive wrap-around experiential learning environment

Why Purple Team Australia?

Within the cyber security industry, professionals in defensive roles are commonly referred to as ‘blue team’ and offensive professionals are known as ‘red team’. The concept of the Purple Team Australia Program combines blue and red teams, working together in partnership to support Australia’s national interest, security and prosperity.

The Purple Team Australia Program has been designed, developed and implemented by partners who understand the challenges facing Australia’s cyber skills shortage and underrepresentation of diversity in the industry. The Program employs a holistic solution to this challenge rather than a piecemeal approach.

The Purple Team Australia Program focuses on four key challenges to achieve success:


The right delivery partners to add value to the participants and the program

Increased Diversity

A bespoke training program, built from the ground up, that addresses challenges faced by First Nations Australians and women

Remote and Rural

Providing access to those outside of traditional metropolitan opportunities


An Employment Match process to ensure a ‘right skill, right person, right employer' fit between employer and student

Program Information

The Purple Team Australia Program comprises of:

Microcredentials in cyber security and industry certifications

Self-paced online and instructor led in person training in offensive and defensive operations

Dedicated female and First Nations Australian mentors to support learning

‘Expert-in-Residence’ sessions with industry leaders online and/or in person

‘Employer-In-Residence’ sessions online and/or in person

Dedicated Talent Manager for job-readiness and employer matching

National Capture the Flag and Graduation Event at three day conference in Canberra

Plus software and merchandise to support learning and maximum participation.

The Program aims to have students ready to enter the cyber security workforce at an entry level position and set them up for success in a cyber security career.

Purple Team Australia Program consists of four units to ensure students attain basic knowledge and skills in:

  • IT and Cyber Security Essentials
  • Blue Team Operations
  • Red Team Operations; and
  • Purple Team Operations

Upon completion students will attain the following Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply commonly used analytical tools to conduct information gathering cyber activities
  2. Identify vulnerabilities in computer networks and apply solutions to increase cyber security
  3. Execute respective blue team and red team cyber operations to complete information requests
  4. Apply red and/or blue team skills and knowledge as part of purple team activities, working towards defined cyber security objectives

Program Delivery

The program consists of several components for delivery:

  1. University of Tasmania learning portal
  2. Cybermerc Learning Management System
  3. Online sessions via video conferencing
  4. In person sessions across every state

The program consists of theoretical and practical sessions, providing opportunities to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios and gain experience with working in teams. Delivery of video conferencing sessions will vary across business and out of hours with recordings available for later viewing.

Students will be expected to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week to complete coursework. Mentors will be expected to commit a minimum of 2 hours per week as part of support program to students. It is expected that students and mentors will attend a minimum 2 in-person sessions across the program.

Program Costs

The program is free for students but costs may be incurred for accommodation and travel by students and mentors (reimbursement may be available upon application) and for employers undertaking the Employment Match process.

Why Join Purple Team Australia?

The Purple Team Australia Program has been designed, developed and implemented by partners who understand the challenges facing Australia’s cyber skills shortage and underrepresentation of diversity in the industry. In its simplest form, Purple Team Australia is a cyber security talent pool upon which a workforce is generated in offensive and defensive cyber operations for employers to recruit from for their job vacancies or expected vacancies.

Purple Team Australia provides the cyber security industry with:

  • Potential employees who are trained in the latest cyber tradecraft and possess a strong industry network through the exposure and experience provided
  • Employers that are actively seeking First Nations Australians and female candidates for vacancies
  • Employment Match between a job-ready candidate and a potential employer.

Purple Team Australia provides aspiring students with:

  • Certificate of Completion and credential points to support further study
  • Participation in an Employment Match process with prospective employers with a view to employment
  • Networking events online and in person with key industry leaders and associations
  • Dedicated Mentor to support your learning
  • Dedicated Talent Manager to assist in employment readiness
  • Access to specialised vendor certification leading instructional and practical training activities
  • Free 12 month membership to Australian Information Security Association and/or Australian Women in Security Network.

As a student you will be part of Australia’s largest workforce development program in the cyber security industry, that has been designed specifically for First Nations Australians and women who wish to become cyber security professionals.

Application Criteria

Applications for the Purple Team Australia Program will be assessed against the following:

Minimum age of 18 years old prior to 05 May 2023.

Must be an Australian Citizen or Australian Resident. All applications are encouraged, however please note that to access Employment Match as part of the program, applicants that are non Australian residents will only be progressed if employers have been identified.

Priority placement for females or those that identify as a female, and/or identify as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage. All applications are encouraged, however please note the aim of the program is to attract participation from women and First Nations Australians into the cyber security industry.

Interested students will be expected to have:

  • A minimum of IELTS Band 6 (competent user) in English proficiency. For more information see www.ielts.org/for-test-takers/how-ielts-is-scored
  • Basic experience in using a computer and relevant software
  • Ability to complete a bespoke Cyber Security Aptitude Assessment
  • Ability to attend and complete the requisite self-paced, instructor-led and in person sessions (see Key Dates section)
  • Access to a computer with the following minimum specifications:
    • 8GB RAM or more (ideally 16GB)
    • Laptop or PC with recent CPU (e.g. i5/i7 or above)
    • 1080p resolution monitor (1280x1024) or better
    • Essentially any PC or laptop from the last five years or so will do!
  • Access to stable internet connection.

You will not be precluded from submitting an application if you are unable to meet these expectations. If you require support for any of the above, we strongly encourage you to identify this in the application form so that support can be arranged, if successful.

How To Apply

If you can answer YES to the following questions, we’d love to hear from you!

✔ 18 years and over

✔ Australian Citizen or Resident

✔ Are female and/or of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait lslander heritage

✔ Committed to 10 hours of self-paced learning each week

✔ Attend in person training and events in my State

To apply, you will need to complete a two stage process. Stage One consists of:


Submit an online application


15 minute online interview


Aptitude Assessment

And final 15 minute online interview

If successful, you’ll be invited to Stage Two consisting of:

  • Completing an online Cyber Security Aptitude Assessment
  • Attending a final 15 minute online interview with a Talent Manager.

Successful applicants will be notified.

For further information or if you would like to contact the Program Manager